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1-Laparoscopy And Microsurgery Aided Pelvi-Scrotal Vasovasostomy “Shaeer’s Vaso-Vasostomy”. Shaeer OKZ, Sadat A And Shaeer KZ
Egy J Androl Reprod; 2003; 17(1): 37-42

2-Laparoscopy-Assisted Pelvi-Scrotal Vasovasostomy
O. K. Z. Shaeer And K. Z. Shaeer
Andrologia 2004, 36, 311–314

3-Pelviscrotal Vasovasostomy: Refining And Troubleshooting.
Osama K. Z. Shaeer And Kamal Z. Shaeer
J Urol, 2005, 174:1935–1937

4-Reviving The Value Of Reconstructive Surgery For Obstructive Azoospermic Infertility: Is It Worth It?
K.Z. M. Shaeer And O.K. Z. Shaeer
PAMJ 2004; 11:53

5-Construction Of Neo-Glans Penis: A New Sculpturing Technique From Rectus Abdominis Myo-Fascial Flap
O.K.Z. Shaeer and A. El Sebaie
J Sex Med 2005; 2: 259–265

6-Refining Penile Lengthening: “V-Y Half-Skin Half-Fat Advancement Flap” Combined With Severing The Suspensory Ligament
O.K.Z. Shaeer, K.Z. Shaeer and A. El Sebaie
J Sex Med 2006;3:155–160

7-Penile Girth Augmentation Using Flaps “Shaeer’s Augmentation Phalloplasty”: A Case Report
O.K.Z. Shaeer and K.Z. Shaeer
J Sex Med 2006;3:164–169

8-Methylene Blue-Guided Repair of Fractured Penis
O.K.Z. Shaeer
J Sex Med 2006;3:349–354

9-Correction Of Penile Curvature By Rotation Of The Corpora Cavernosa: A Case Report
Shaeer O. J Sex Med 2006;3:932–937.

10-Urethral Substitution Using Vein Graft For Hypospadias Repair: A Case Report
O.K.Z. Shaeer and A. El-Sadat
Ms. Ref. No.: JPUROL-D-05-00118R1
Nov 21, 2005

11- Corporoscopic Excavation of the Fibrosed Corpora Cavernosa
for Penile Prosethesis Implantation: Optical Corporotomy and
Trans-Corporeal Resection, Shaeer’s Technique.
O.K.Z. Shaeer and A.K.Z. Shaeer
J Sex Med 2007;4:218–225


12-Penile Prosthesis Implantation in Cases of Fibrosis: Ultrasound-Guided Cavernotomy and Sheathed Trochar Excavation. Osama Shaeer. J Sex Med 2007;4:809–814

13-Shaeer O. Penoscopy: Optical Corporotomy and Resection for Prosthesis Implantation in Cases of Penile Fibrosis, Shaeer’s Technique. J Sex Med 2007;4:1214–1217

14-Shaeer O. Restoration Of The Penis Following Amputation At Circumcision: Shaeer’s A-Y Plasty. JSM-08-2007-294. In Press.

15-Shaeer O, El-Sebaie A, Sherif ِ ِِA, El-Sadat A. Re-Configuration of the Mutilated Glans. J sex Med. In Press.

16-Shaeer O. Torsion Of The Penis In Adults: Prevalence And Surgical Correction. JSM-08-2007-295. In Press.

17-Shaeer O. Management of Distal Extrusion of Penile Prosthesis:
Partial Disassembly and Tip Reinforcement by Double Breasting
or Grafting. J Sex Med 2008;5:1257–1262


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