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In 2005, Dr. Shaeer was awarded the "National Prize for Excellence in Medicine", granted by "The Egyptian Ministry for Scientific Research" in appreciation for his innovations in the management of male infertility and sexual / genital disorders.

Dr.Shaeer holds the Doctorate degree in Andrology, Master degree in Dermatology and Venereology, as well as a Diploma in General Surgery.

Dr.Shaeer lectures at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt, and operates his specialized medical center "Kamal Shaeer Hospital"

In 2006, the Egyptian Society of Andrology honored Dr. Shaeer for his contributions to the development of Andrology.

In 2007, the Egyptian Medical Syndicate honored Dr. Shaeer for his scientific and humanitarian efforts.




Curriculum Vitae

Dr.Osama Kamal Zaki Mahmoud Shaeer

MD Andrology

Diploma General Surgery

MBBch Medicine


Lecturer of Andrology

Kasr EL Aini Faculty of Medicine

Cairo University


Award of Excellence in Medical Sciences, Egypt, 2005



          Andrology, the science of treating male sexual and fertility disorders among other ailments, has been short of solutions for a number of problems in pivotal aspects of male sexual life. These problems have been (and still are) my targets for innovation.  

          Among these problems is amputation of the penis in males undergoing circumcision, depriving a young male of his genital organ. These accidents are quite common considering that every Muslim undergoes circumcision.  The only option for those victims was sex reversal into females!

            I have devised a surgical technique that effectively restored masculinity to those children, in addition to those with other forms of genital injuries; burns for instance. This work is published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, (JSM) one of the most prestigious journals in the field of urology and the most eminent in the field of Andrology, with an impact factor of more than 4.

           Another genital injury that occurs in adults is “Fracture of the penis” a common incident that involves severe bending of the erect penis at marital relationship, with rupture of the inner wall of the penis (tunica albuginea). I have devised a surgical technique for repairing this injury, published in the same journal (JSM), in which I am currently a reviewer. I have also written a chapter on this topic for the “Textbook of Erectile dysfunction”, the most eminent international textbook in the field of sexual function.

           Another target was male infertility caused by surgical mistakes, which is a common entity. My surgical technique is the first to offer cure to those men, and has been published twice and presented at the International Congress of Andrology, Korea 2005.

           Further targets were the problems of a short penis, thin penis, Curved (bent) penis,, fibrosis and torsion of the penis and the problem of hypospadias, which have all been a challenge to the surgeon. I have devides, published and practiced surgical techniques that effectively treated all these mishaps. I have also spread my innovations worldwide via conferences and personal communication, to make sure they are applied to the service of mankind everywhere.  

          Aiming at patient guidance and education, and providing free and accurate information to the masses, I have launched a website that provides very comprehensive information in the fields of male infertility, male sexual dysfunction and cosmetic surgery, both in Arabic and in English, in simple language and rich illustrations, even providing free consultations online. This service receives an average of 100 visitors daily from allover the world and has been running since 2005:



          Another website that delivers full information to doctors is:


 The reason behind development of the latter website was to educate doctors in different fields about the availability of the surgical solutions I devised, and to inform the specialist about the detailed how-to of these techniques so that he may perform the procedure on his own, wherever he is, reaching out to patients across the globe, hopefully preventing sex reversal in children with an amputated penis and helping others with congenital anomalies.

 I have been awarded with the prestigious National Award in Medical Sciences, Egypt, 2005.



First Name: Osama

Middle Name: Kamal Zaki

Last Name: Mahmoud Shaeer

Scientific Name (in Publications) : Shaeer O, Shaeer O.K.Z.

Date of Birth: September 23rd, 1974

Place of Birth: Saudia Arabia

Nationality: Egyptian

Current Position: Lecturer of Andrology, Kasr El Aini Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

Passport Number: 409376


·        Home: 21 Gaber Ibn Hayan Street, Dokki, Giza, Egypt.

·        Institution: Department of Andrology, Faculty of Medicine, Kasr El Aini, Cairo, Egypt

Tel: (202)33359047 – (202)33354238

Mobile: (20)106600606

Fax: (202)337605181

Email: dr-osama@link.net

Home Page:

www.shaeerMD.com  (information for specialists)

www.alrijal.com          (information for patients in Arabic)

www.emales.info         (information for patients in English)



 1-MD Andrology, Cairo, 2004

2-Diploma General Surgery, Cairo, 2002

3-MSc Dermatology and Venereology, Cairo, 2000

4-MBBch Medicine 1995



·        Lecturer of Andrology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt: September 2004 till today

·        Assistant Lecturer of Andrology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt: 2001-2004

·        Resident of Andrology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt: 1997-2000

·        House Officer, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt: 1996-1997



·        International society of sexual medicine

·        European Society of Sexual Medicine

·        International Society of Andrology

·        Egyptian Society of Andrology



·        Reviewer and editor at the Journal of Sexual Medicine

·        Reviewer at the Indian Journal of Urology



·        National Award of Excellence in Medical Sciences, Egypt, 2005

·        Award of Innovation in Andrology, The Egyptian Society of Andrology

·        Award of the Egyptian Ministry for Information and Technology for www.alrijal.com



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15.     Shaeer O. Torsion Of The Penis In Adults: Prevalence And Surgical Correction. JSM-08-2007-295. In Press.

16.     El-Karaksy, T. Mostafa, O. K. Shaeer, D. R. Bahgat & N. Samir (2007) Seminal mast cells in infertile asthenozoospermic males. Andrologia 39, 244–247

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