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Penile curvature or penile deviation Is when the penis is not straight which may affect cosmetic outlook and sexual intercourse

Penile Curvature-Penile Deviation FAQ

This is where you can find all the frequently asked questions on penile curvature, penile deviation, bent penis or a curved penis, including questions and answers on penile curvature surgery. Questions on penile curvature are answered by the penile curvature expert; Prof.Shaeer.

Professor Shaeer has been treating cases of penile curvature for over 25 years, and is the Professor and trainer in penile deviation surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt.

The penile curvature expert has published several innovations in the field of penile curvature surgery that have rendered correction of a bent penis easier, safer and with very satisfactory results. Such techniques for correction of penile curvature include Shaeer’s Corporal Rotation surgery which is designed for correcting congenital ventral penile curvature with no or minimal loss in the length of the penis, as well as Shaeer’s Punch Technique which removes the hard Peyronie’s plaques in case of Peyronie’s curvature with no loss in the sensitivity of the penis.

Here are the frequently asked questions on penile curvature / penile deviation:

You think you may have a curved penis and not sure where to start from?

In case one wonders whether or not he has penile curvature, and whether or not the bend in the penis would require medical or surgical intervention, Professor Shaeer will be happy to provide a provisional opinion:

Make a photo in the erect state showing the curved penis. Make sure the penis is fully erect and that the photo shows the curvature clearly. Include a brief medical history, and whether or not you think have ED (erectile dysfunction). Send everything to Prof.Shaeer by Email. The attached photo should be of good resolution but still less than 3 MB in size.

There is also the free online penile curvature wizard developed by Prof.Osama Shaeer. This online wizard gives you pictures to match your penile curvature with, asks you the relevant question, and gives you a provisional verdict on your case. It then displays the recommended options for treating the curved penis, in full detail. Click here for the penile curvature wizard.

Professor Shaeer operates both in Cairo, Egypt as well as in Sarajevo, Bosnia in Europe. Both cities are superb touristic destinations and quite safe. Out team will be happy to give advise on travel plans.

The needed length of stay is 3 days: one for the initial consultation, another for surgery, and one can travel by air the following day.

Following surgery for correction of penile curvature, it is advised that one abstains from sex for a minimum of three month. Some mild to moderate pain is normal through this period. The final results of penile curvature surgery can be seen after this period, when full erection resumes, since the fully straight penis requires full erection.

The skin incision for Corporal Rotation Surgery or for 16-dot technique or Peyronie’s plaque surgery is a short incision. The skin sutures are auto-absorbed, therefore do not require medical assistance for suture removal. The fade spontaneously.