Are you a man struggling with weak erection, low sexual desire or ejaculating too fast? A penile implant ( penile prosthesis ) will make you the man you wish to be.

Have you been on medical treatment for erectile dysfunction and have been suffering the weak results and side effects?  A penile implant will give you the sexual power you wish for.

What is a penile implant / penile prosthesis

  • A penile implant is a hidden device that is implanted in the penis.
  • The penile prosthesis is hidden inside your body, meaning that no one can ever see it. You do not even feel the presence of a penile implant inside you. You feel normal. 
  • In return, the penile implant will give you a hard erection, anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy sex freely. With a penile implant, you can surpass any man in sexual power. With a penile prosthesis, you can perform sex everyday, several times a day, life-long.
  • The feeling of sexual pleasure is normal as the penile implant will not change how you feel during sex.
  • Sexual desire will not change. Libido may possibly increase considering that the penile prosthesis gives you very high confidence in obtaining and maintaining erection.
  • You do not need erection-enhancing medications anynmore.
  • Even if you have premature ejaculation, a penile implant can help! If you ejaculate too fast, the penile prosthesis wil help since you will not lose your erection, but will still be able to continue sex. It is known that most people who ejaculate too fast in the first time, will not ejaculate as fast in the second time. The penile implant allows you to perform sex several times in a row! Thereby, you get to delay ejaculation in the second or third time.
How does a penile implant look like ?
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Penile implant cylinders are totally hidden inside the penis
Penile implant cylinders are totally hidden inside the penis

Check a video of how the implant looks like in real-life here

How is a penile implant inserted? How is penile prosthesis implantation surgery peformed ?

The penile implant is inserted into your body through a 3-5 cm cut. You do not feel pain during penile prosthesis surgery since it is performed under anesthesia. Penile prosthesis surgery takes somewhere between 30-45 minutes. You can leave the hospital in the same day. Most men prefer to maintain their privacy and secrecy, so they visit the hospital alone and leave in the same day, unassissted. A person can walk out of the hospital unassissted and he doesn’t look like he ever had surgery!

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Step-by-Step illustrations for penile prosthesis implantation here

The cut for penile prosthesis inmplantation is usually on the under surface of the penis, near or in the scrotum. Therefore, the incision for penile implant surgery is hidden. Another option is to have the cut in the circumcision scar if one is circucised. A third option is to have the incision for penile prosthesis surgery at the base of the penis on the dorsal (upper) side, in the crease between the penie and lower abdomen. Being in a crease, it is relatively hidden. A fourth option is one developed by Prof.Osama Shaeer. This is penile prosthesis implantation through the abdominal crease incision. This is also called the “Bikini incision”. This is the line between the abdomen and pubic area. The virtues of this incision are that it is away from the penis therefore non-stigmatizing, as if one never had surgery in the penis, and that penile elongation can be performed in the same time as penile prosthesis surgery by removing excess fat and skin from the pubic region in overweight men. This excess skin and fat can conceal the penis. Pubic Dermolipectomy is when this excess skin and fat is removed to reveal and enhance the penis. Prof.Shaeer’s invention is to implant the penile prosthesis along with pubic dermolipectomy in the same surgery and through the same lower abdomen incision.

Incisions for penile implant surgery

Prof.Shaeer has also invented “Tacking” for penile enhancement along with penile prosthesis implantation. This is intended for slightly or moderately obese men, where fat is not removed but rather tacked-in, backwards, to reveal the penis and enhance penile length. The incision is peno-scrotal (at the base of the penis towards the scrotum). A tacking stitch is applied to pull back the skin and fat around the base of the penis. The penile prosthesis is implanted.

Check videos of Prof.Shaeer’s advanced penile prosthesis implantation techniques here

Following the skin incision, the corpora cavernosa are identified. Those are the two erection cylinders, running all along the penis and attached to the bony pelvis. The corpora cavernosa are opened for about one cm. The vascular tissues inside them are set aside along the whole length of the penis. The internal length and width are measured to decide what length and girth of penile implant will be used. Penile implants come in all sizes. One implant cylinder is then inserted into each corpus cavernosum. The corpora cavernoas are then closed. That’s it for the “malleable penile prosthesis” or the “semi-rigid penile implant”. For the other type of penile implant “the Inflatable penile prosthesis”, there are two other small components to insert through the same incision: a small pump in the scrotum, and a small reservoir in the abdominal wall or in the pelvis. This will be explained in a moment. After inserting the penile implant components, the skin incision is closed. This takes 30-45 minutes with experienced surgeons such as Prof.Shaeer. The patient can leave the hospital in approximately 4-5 hours.

What are theTypes of Penile Implants / Types of Penile Prosthesis ?

All types of penile implants have a central component: the erection cylinders inside the corpora cavernosa. Those fill up the natural corpora cavernosa, throughout their length, from the glans penis to the base that is attached to the bony pelvis. There are essentially two types of implants: one that is always hard but can be bent downwards for concealment (the malleable penile prosthesis / the semi-rigid penile implant), and another that is actually flaccid / soft in the non-erect state, then it can be put in the hard state by squeezing a small component that is in the scrotum (pump) that controls the flow of fluid to an from a small “reservoir” in the abdomen. Fluid flowing from the implant reservoir to the implant cylinders in the penis will make the penis hard. Fluid flowing back to the reservoid will empty the implant cylinders making the penis soft again. This is the (inflatable penile implant).

Check a video comparison of penile implant types here

The malleable penile implant comes from several manufacturers;

USA: Coloplast Genesis penile implant

USA: Boston Scientific AMS Tactra

USA: Rigicon

Argentina: Promedon

Semi-rigid penile implant - malleable penile prosthesis
Semi-rigid penile implant – malleable penile prosthesis
The malleable penile implant or semi-rigid penile prosthesis has only two rods in the penis. It has no other components. The semi-rigid penile prosthesis bends downwards for concealment, maintaining rigidity at all times.
The malleable penile implant or semi-rigid penile prosthesis has only two rods in the penis. It has no other components. The semi-rigid penile prosthesis bends downwards for concealment, maintaining rigidity at all times.

The inflatable penile implant comes from :

USA: Coloplast Titan

USA Boston Scientific AMS 700

Inflatable penile implant
Inflatable penile implant
The inflatable penile implant has three components: erection cylinders in the penis, a pump in the scrotum and a reservoir in the abdomen. It is soft at the regular state. Squeeze the pump of the inflatable penile prosthesis to get an erection that lasts as long as you need
The inflatable penile implant has three components: erection cylinders in the penis, a pump in the scrotum and a reservoir in the abdomen. It is soft at the regular state. Squeeze the pump of the inflatable penile prosthesis to get an erection that lasts as long as you need

Which type of penile implant is best?

Here is a comparison between the types of penile implants:


The malleable penile implant is always hard, but bernt downwards so that it will not protrude forwards. In comparison the inflatable penile implant is soft (deflated), and is rendered hard (inflated) when needed. Therefore the erection cylinders of the inflatable penile implant are more concealed. However, the pump can be felt by the partner and manipulating the pump to inflate and deflate the penile implant may be noticed by the partner. Back to the semi-rigid penile prosthesis, it is bent downwards when not in sexual intercourse. It will not show through suitable regular-fit underwear and pants, and does not have other components in the scrotum or abdomen. To put it in the erect state, you simply bend it upwards so it attains the erect rigid state and stays there for as long as you want to. This may be less noticable to the partner compared to manipulating the pump of the inflatable penile prosthesis.

So, despite the inflatable penile prosthesis being known for concealment, the presence of the pump in the scrotum and its manupulation may breach the concealment. In our opinion, both types of implant compete in concealment, with each having an edge over the other. If a man seeking penile prosthesis surgery is comfortable with his partner knowing that he has a penile implant, then the pump will not be an issue.


Semi-rigid penile implant surgery costs approximately a third of the cost of inflatable penile prosthesis implantation.

Mechanical failure: Malleable penile implants rarely encounter mechanical failure. In conmparison, inflatable penile implants are more prone to mechanical failure, but are covered by a warranty for replacement in case of failure. The duration of the warranty varies from one manufacturer to the other. Research indicates that after 15 years of follow up, 40% of inflatable penile implants needed replacement. This is not the case with semi-rigid penile implants where mecvhanical failure is very rare.

Girth / Size:

Inflatable penile implants inflate and deflate by fluid flowing from an abdominal reservoir. Therefore inflatable penile implants can be “pumped” to the maximum girth the penis can accomodate. In contrast, malleable penile implants come in three diameters, covering most penis sizes. But once implanted, the girth will not change. Thereofre the experienced surgein will try to implant the maximum girth of malleable penile implant that the penis can accomodate.

Which penile implant is most natural during sex?

Malleable penile implants are designed to be bent manually for concealment. Occasionally upon pressure during sex, the penis may bend instead of protruding forwards. This is not a problem since it can be manually erected in a second and sex resumed. In contradst, inflatable penile implants will not bend upon axial pressure, provided the surgen is experienced enough to use the least length of rear-tip extenders (RTPs). What are RTPs? The inflatable implant comes in different lengths, (14,16,18,20,22 cm..etc). What is the desired length is 19? An RTP is added. The more RTPs, the less of inflatable component there is. THe penis may bend at the junction between the inflatable component and RTP. Using less RTPs means that this junction will be hidden deep down next to the bony pelvis and will not be in the penile shaft, so no bending.

Risk / Safey / Complications of penile implant / penile prosthesis:

Penile prosthesis implantation surgery enjoys a very high success rate (>97%) and are quite safe. Complication rate is lower than 3% and complications of penile implant surgery are not life-threatening with proper management. To achieve this success rate, surgeon experience is mandatory.  The rare complications of penile implant surgery usually require removal of the penile implant and re-implantation. Complications of penile implant surgery include infection or anterior extrusion, among other rare complications. Infection is less common with malleble penile implants since they have lesser components and therefore less surface area for bacterial colonization. Anterior extrusion is less common with inflatable penile implants since they are soft at the non-erect state. Furthermore, semi-rigid penile implants do not have a reservoir, in comparison to the inflatable penile implant which has an abdominal reservoir. Placement of the reservoir of the inflatable penile implant in the pelvis next to the urinary bladder has been reported to cause some rare complications. This has been avoided by the recent trend of placing the inflatable penile implant reservoid in the abdominal wall rather than in the pelvis. It may be slightly palpable in lean men.

Comparison between the types of malleable penile implants

Malleable penile implants are avaiable from several manufacturers, with each having a competitive edge:

  • Coloplast Genesis by Coloplast USA enjoys a hydrophilic coat on its surface, This coat binds any water-soluble compound that is applied to it right before implantation. Coloplast Genesis is soaked in a solution with antibiotics right before implantation. Antibiotic sticks to it and stays active inside the body for days, thereby decreasing the risk for infection.
  • AMSTactra by Boston Scientific USA has an inner core of Tilinol. This is a metal with “memory”, meaning that it assumes any position it is put in and stays there. Therefore it may be more concealable since it can be bent at more than one point.
  • Promedon by Promedon Argentina resists bending more than does the other types. This may be a tad less concealable but may be preferred by some men who favor resistance to bending over concealment. Also, it comes in 5 diameters rather than 3.

Which inflatble penile implant is best? Which is better, Coloplast Titan or AMS 700

Colplast Titan enjoys more sideway and axial rigidity than AMS-700. On the other hand, AMS has a length and girth expanding penile implant AMS 700 LGX and enjoys a smaller pump. Coloplast Titan has the hydrophilic coat to which antibiotics stick, to stay active in the bosy for days post-operatively. In contrast, AMS 700 has “Inhibizone”, which is a layer of pre-set antibiotics adherent to its surface.

Why go to Egypt to have penile prosthesis implantation surgery in the hands of Prof.Shaeer?

Prof. Shaeer is a highly experienced high-volume implanter, having practiced and perfected penile prosthesis implantation surgery for more than 25 years.

Prof. Shaeer operates in his own privately-owned hospital. Why this is important? Prof.Shaeer’s hospital has an operating room that is exclusive for penile prosthesis  surgeries. No other surgeries are performed in that operating room, meaning that there is no surgical source of infection. This is in contrast to high traffic operating rooms where some septic surgeries may be performed.


Prof.Shaeer is a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. He is also a Professor at the European Academy of Andrology. He has developed many new surgical techniques that are documented in medical literature, research and textbooks, taught and practiced around the world. Those innovations include procedures to enhance penile length, manage difficult cases of penile prosthesis implantation and manage complications of penile prosthesis surgery.

Check Prof.Shaeer’s publications on PUBMED

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Cost: Cost of penile prosthesis implantation surgery is much lower than any other country in the world.

This is due to high volume economy, where the cost is less considering the high volume opf penile implant surgeries performed. Cost starts at 5000 USD for the malleable penile implant, and 12000 USD for the inflatable penile implant.

Egypt is a famous tourist destination,

with more to see than one can imagine. Ranging from Pharonic landmarks to virgin beaches and coral reefs, Egypt has something for everyone. The moderate weather is also a plus.

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